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French Cuffy was inspired by a love for men’s fashion and fashion accessories. The founders of French Cuffy are avid suit and tuxedo sporters. They always finish their looks with a glistening pair of cufflinks attached to their French-cuff button down shirts.

Unfortunately, they were constantly plagued by disappointing products in quality, design, and style when shopping for cufflinks at department stores. The lack of cufflink choices was another problem they were always battling.

One fateful night over drinks they began to envision their own line of cufflinks—how would they look, what would they be made of, what colors would be best. Numerous napkin sketches later, French Cuffy was born.

Distinctively designed and meticulously made, French Cuffy’s cufflinks provide that extra oomph and polish when paired with a suit. Dress them up or down and find the right pair for that special occasion.